Tell me dear badger in your bowler hat,
Why do you live in a hole in the ground.
When you could easily have
A house in the town,
Don't you feel silly wearing that?

Badger said grinning.
"The reason why I go down
This hole in the ground,
When I do indeed
Have a house in the town.

Mad hatter's invited me,
To eat some cake.
While sipping tea,
With the Cheshire cat.

Alice has asked to see my bowler hat".
The queen of hearts said. "Fancy that
A badger in a bowler hat,
It shouldn't be black
When it could've been red".

It was such a splendiforuse tea
The queen of hearts allowed
Everyone to keep their heads

"Wow" said the cat,
Taken aback.
"Now I can see why,
You wear a bowler hat".

Badger answered back,
"If you haven't guest it yet.
I don't live in a hole in the ground,
I and my family live in a sett.

As to the mad hatter's party, 
There isn't one.
I said it for fun,
If you still haven't got it yet.

The reason I wear a bowler hat,
When it's raining.
It's to stop my well weathered brow,
Including my head from getting wet.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 115 times
Written on 2022-10-04 at 23:01

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A very pragmatic reason for such a thing as hat wearing!
Not a iota to question such reasoning, good going there. :-)

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
Alan, I think even Lewis Carroll would have appreciated this.