Who Said?

Who said dreams can't come true? If that was true I wouldn't have you

Who said a boy couldn't make a girl happy? If that was true there would be no smile on my face

Who said I had no right to love? If that was true my life would be full of darkness and pain

Who said I shouldn't share my love for someone with everyone? If that was true my emotions would stay bottled up

Other people don't have control over my feelings If I want to love I will love
If I want to be happy I will be happy

Who said I couldn't be myself?
Who said I had to care what other people think when it comes to my love?
It doesn't matter what they say
It only matters how I feel.

Poetry by Love Angel
Read 612 times
Written on 2006-06-21 at 09:48

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Love Knight
You have the right to love anybody, whenever, wherever. Other people don't have the right to TRY to bring you and him apart, no one is entitled to an opinion to your love. I love It..............