Making A Wrong Into A Right

God loves us in special ways
And we need to realize it everyday

When we don't think everything will be ok
God comes to our rescue and there's no delay

Have you ever been in sin and you know it
How you try to hide from God and you need courage just not to show it

You know God sees everything you do
But you still try to find reasons to hide what is true

You know what you're doing is wrong but you don't think about making it right
How it becomes a burden that's on your shoulders every night

It's not easy to change a wrong to a right
But you have to have God's will and have him in you sight

Heaven is a place I want to go
And if I truly do I have to let it show

No running and hiding in alley dark places
No finding myself in tempted situations

No lying no cheating there's nothing but love
The love I have comes from my God above

No stealing or fornicating no idolizing or deceit
I've been through many things but the devil I can defeat

There's no more holding me back
It's time to let go I'm not falling in his trap

The devil doesn't have a say so in my life

And starting now I'm going to try to make my sticky situation turn around to be right

Poetry by Love Angel
Read 960 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 06:06

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Love Knight
I love this one, it captures your every emotion. Tears arent a factor, let the devil know that. And he will ball up like a dog.