Life is too short to keep everything inside and not really confide in anyone. It's time for you to stop hiding and tell us how you really feel.


What are you hiding from?
Don't you believe God loves you and will take care of you?

What are you lying for?
If you're not happy let us know, we care and we'll always be there

Why aren't you crying?
I can see the wetness in your eyes a tear that wants to drop and once you start the crying train I know it'll be hard to stop

Why are you keeping secrets?
We love you and we want you to be able to confide in us

We don't know how you feel until you let us into your heart we can't read minds we just see a smile on your face but how were we supposed to know that that the smile was fake

All the laughing all the playing just a broken heart inside, you had us on a roller coaster we were just on a ride
I'm tired of playing guessing games just tell us how you feel and don't make up a lie I want the truth so make it real

So what are you hiding for?
Do you even know? I don't want you to be lost in life with nowhere to go

So what are you hiding from?
Is it hiding from love, God, or maybe even yourself

I don't' know but I hope you do , but don't you think it's about time to tell the truth and stop

Poetry by Love Angel
Read 933 times
Written on 2006-07-04 at 06:31

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so casual a thought, it seems, here, that you misplaced your aspect of cleverness for grammatical error. this piece is worded very strenuously, its an effort to understand, much less read. and while i can imagine you, as the author, could read it best, that does not help the reader, in their quest to relate, or be inspired...

this was more of a short story, than anything...a rambling, of sorts, which just didnt seem to grasp the concept of rhythm...sorry...

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
This is brillent -
so honest and a lot of truth in it.