This beginning could be not just for partners but also for friends...

At the beginning...

Here we stand hand in hand
ready to begin a journey in time
I look in your eyes, I search for fear
Instead you whisper in my ear,
"Look around and you'll see
there is beauty cuz you're with me.
Yes, we'll be tested by the world
In joy and sorrow together we'll twirl
We'll take the joy and the sorrow
and weave for us a better tomorrow.
And when we pass this test of time,
you'll see me here one more time,
standing hand in hand with you
ready to begin a journey anew."

Poetry by Shraddha Manvi
Read 681 times
Written on 2006-06-21 at 10:56

Tags Journey 

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Zoya Zaidi
"In the begining there was nothing,
And then God siad,'Let there be light!'
And then there was the Light!"
This is the power of begining my dear Shraddha,
And Shradhda means Devotion in Sanakrit,
So, it your are dedicated to a cause, to someone, and begin a journy, your
Destination will come and kiss your feet of its own...


Warm welcome to the bay!

love, xxx, Zoya