your touch

My life is better when I feel YOUR TOUCH

I have hope when I have YOUR TOUCH

You make me smile when I feel YOUR TOUCH

Life is made easy when I know I have YOUR TOCH

You make me feel secure when I have YOUR TOUCH

When I need love I look for YOUR TOUCH

When my day is going wrong I feel for YOUR TOUCH

YOUR TOUCH is what makes me feel happy and complete

Sometimes a touch from a descended angel is all I need

YOUR LOVE and YOUR TOUCH is what helps me and makes me want to succeed.

Poetry by Love Angel
Read 1145 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 23:30

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Amanda K
Well you made a touch in my heart,honestly. Sweet, simple and a very pure poem.

Kind REgards,

this poem is absolutely beautiful :) and i can relate to this so well ... excellent write :)

The Charmed One
i can tell that his hands are magical. That can bring joy and happiness and pleasure to your heart.

Love Knight
Wow, this poem inspires me within, and somehow it inspired my hands, I know it will inspire anybody. 143.