A little poem to tell you all to appreciate the poet you have inside..

That`s where the poet starts

the simple gift of writing
lies in the poets hand
the gift of inspiration
huge as sahara sand

we think we`re no good fools
just draining out our heart
but leaving words on paper
that`s where the poetry starts

we leave a piece of soulsongs
on black and white for all
so i say to all you out there
you`ll never see a poet fall

we live to give our feelings
to people who understands
and see them self in our words
we take the dreamers stand

caress the gift of writing
it`s hidden in your heart
caress the words inside you
that`s where the poet starts

Sing your life to people
you know you`ll never meet
sing when your in pain
sing of love so sweet

We go on dreaming of it
the world within our heart
so bless the world inside you
that`s where the poet starts

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 1079 times
Written on 2006-06-23 at 01:46

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very nice poetry,the flow of work fabulous!!!!thank's for sharing this!!!kissess

nice...good work!

Kathy Lockhart
Wonderful, encouraging, inspirational, motivational fantastic writing!!! Thanks! I needed to read this. You are amazing! xx :) kathy

"we leave a piece of soulsongs
on black and white for all"
A poet writing from the soul.

You are on a roll!