In some cases there are no such thing as beeing neutral..

When there are only two ways to go

Why do we never ask questions?

It's easier to go with the flow
When the flow is not telling you to kill
But just to arrest and jail people
That does not stand by the cause

Why do we judge others?

To stand by the cause is harder
When you get arrested and jailed
And people who go with the flow
Threatens to kill you

Why do we never agree?

It's absolutely impossible
To be ignoring the cause
And call your self neutral
When there are only two ways to go

Why do we think we can hide?

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 1112 times
Written on 2010-03-22 at 22:50

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Indeed, in most cases a side has to be taken
often we are caught in a meandering detour
causing us to get sidetracked in details that
if followed through would bring us to where
the line is at. Most intriguing and splendid.

Nancy Sikora
We can't hide. The cause will get us, one way or another.

A very thought-provoking poem, thank you for sharing it. Charlie