Annoyance towards douches in ties^^

A pig in the Lounge

In the lounge it seems
That all guests are millionaires
And every single one
Can buy a bottle of Cristal

Every damned soul in suits
Blue shirts, tacky ties
Have a master's degree in douche
And can mock your mother

They all seem to work hard
For the same corrupted company
and are c.e.o`s of filth
They can destroy your home

But in common they have
The same inevitable truth
They all are as ugly
As the pig called Ruth

Outside the lounge
They are nothing but men
And some of these morons
Will never have a real friend

That's the big price
For being a douche
You'll never see love
Cause with money you loose

Reality is, that real men are made
Of labour and dirt
Ripping mountains apart
They are the tacky tie slaves

But when man and mice meets
They bow down to the douches
and live only to serve
the really big loosers

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 1086 times
Written on 2010-03-22 at 22:31

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i thought you were a bit of the tied up guy
mate, it's better


Worse still, when one of the pigs retire, there are thousands waiting in the wings. But who wants to be a gear?
Enjoyed, Nick

I love the acidity of this poem, and completely understand where you're coming from! Charlie