Summer vacation in old cabin by the lake Titicaca By Ann Wood

In the summer, a group of friends and I decided to go on vacation to Lake Titicaca. We rented an old cabin on the shore of the lake for our stay. The lodge was large and very neat. There was a gazebo, and a yard where we could have a barbecue and the children could play. Inside was a large dining room, kitchen, a large living room with a fireplace and a large TV, a games table, and a library; next to it was a rest room upstairs, six large rooms, and three bathrooms. We had rented the cabin for the whole summer. Peru is a beautiful country, and we love to travel.
My name is Melissa Greenwood, and I'm a young writer living in California. My friend Mario is Italian but has been living in America for many years; he is a doctor. And this is Melanie, a musician; she plays the violin, and next to her is Christopher, a young engineer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Still, he has been living in California for ten years. And these cuties next to me are twins Megan and Martin, young artists from Los Angelos. We will be flying from California to Peru; we have hired a van to get to the lake.
Titicaca is a mountain lake located in the Andes, on the territory of two countries - Peru and Bolivia. It is the highest navigable lake on Earth - 3812 m above sea level. And the second largest lake in South America after Maracaibo. It occupies an area of ​​8372 kmē. Its depth reaches 281 m. Length: 190 km, and Catchment Area: 58,000 kmē.
We are at the airport in California; we went through security and dropped our luggage at the lane; from there, we went through security and then sat in the VIP lounge to wait for our flight to Peru. We each ordered a coffee with croissants and then went through the free shop to buy something to eat and water. I bought perfume and some magazines and a crossword puzzle book. After twenty minutes, our flight was announced, and we headed to the departure and boarding gate. We traveled in first class and enjoyed the luxury. First, they brought us raspberry and lime juice. Then breakfast with a cup of mountain tea and fresh fruit. Afterward, we watched a movie and ordered champagne and strawberries with cream. Time passed quickly, and we landed in Peru, passed the passport office, and collected our luggage. The van was waiting for us at the airport, and we were on our way. During the journey, we talked and enjoyed the view around us.

We arrived at the lodge and unloaded the luggage. Afterwards we went for a walk and had lunch in the village. The weather was nice, and we enjoyed the nature around us. We got back to the lodge and unpacked. After that we each took a shower and went downstairs to prepare dinner. We went to the village to have dinner. We had dinner in a small restaurant in the village, we ordered tacos and Mexican salad and a bottle of wine. After dinner we went back to the lodge and watched a movie. We went to bed around eleven when it started raining outside.
The next morning, we got up early, had breakfast and hit the road. We would go around the surroundings by the lake. The walk was pleasant, and the village boy told us about his story. At noon we went to the local inn to have lunch. We ordered grilled sea bass with grilled vegetables and potato salad. For starters we had chicken wings and a king prawn salad. For dessert, we ordered a traditional Peruvian cake and ice cream.
After eating we continued our tour. We took a lot of pictures and short videos of the places we were.
We got home at five in the evening, made ourselves a salad and an omelet and sat down to dinner. Then we watched a movie and went to bed around eleven.

The next morning, we had breakfast and went for a boat ride on the lake. We took a picnic basket and a bottle of wine. The men took their fishing rods to catch some fish for dinner. It was a beautiful day for that purpose. We enjoyed the good weather and view, took pictures and short videos. At noon we stopped at the other side of the lake where we had lunch. After we had lunch, the men fished, and we walked along the shore. At five we started back to our side of the lake where we cleaned the fish. The men lit the barbecue, and we seasoned the fish and boiled potatoes for salad. We also washed vegetables to grill them on the barbecue, peppers, old onions, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes and corn.

The barbeque was ready by eight, we were seated outside by the campfire, enjoying the fine weather and evening. Mario played guitar and twins Megan and Martin sang country songs. I have been working on my laptop on my new novella The Castle of Dreams, the story of a lord who lives in a castle inherited from his family. Melanie and Christopher cooked on the barbecue, she made several types of salads and appetizers. I put my laptop aside and went to help them with dinner. I sliced ​​bread and appetizers, yellow cheese, cheese and dry sausages. I decided to make bruschetta with tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella. For dessert we would cut up a watermelon and fresh fruit. The evening was warm, and we stayed out late. We ate slowly and talked. Mario played his guitar, and we sang. When we finally decided to go to bed it was one o'clock in the morning.
In the morning when we woke up outside it was bright and sunny. We took a shower each and got ready for breakfast and another walk around the lodge and lake area. The weather was shaping up to be warm and fine again like yesterday. We went to a nearby village by car and did some shopping. At eleven we went into the cafe for coffee and ordered fig pie and vanilla ice cream. At about one in the afternoon, we returned to the lodge, had an omelet for lunch and then played tennis.
I was sitting in the garden working on my book when my phone rang. I looked at the display and saw that it was my publisher. He was calling to check on how far I had come with the novella. I told him that I would be ready for printing by the end of the summer. He was satisfied with my answer, wished me a nice day and summer. I thanked him and wished him the same and hung up. At three in the afternoon, we had tea with a piece of fruit pie that Megan had made. After afternoon tea we went for a boat ride on the lake. The view was very nice, and we enjoyed the nice evening and weather. At seven we came home and had burritos and salad for dinner. After dinner we watched TV and went to bed around midnight.
The time until the end of our vacation passed quickly and was filled with many fun activities. I finished my book and took many pictures of the lake and the surrounding area. When we got back to America, I had the book printed and started writing a new novella. Like any good thing, our vacation ended, and everyone went back to their daily tasks and lives.

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