Time - the healer

When in fright
And you need a light
Think of the almighty
With all your might!

Live, eat, pray.
You just have to say
That things'll fall in place
When the time is right.

And let's not deny
That life is a maze
It amazes us at times,
Keep up the hope
And have a leap.

Present, it's a present
Make the most out of it.
Past is a dream,
Let it not stream!

Future is yet to come,
So, keep your calm
Keep up all the spirit,
It causes no harm!

Think of all the laughs that you had,
And the memories that you made
And yet to be made.
Think of that rainbow,
In the crystal clear sky
That appeared soon after it rained!

So Time it is ,
It's the healer,
Wait for it and
It will show it's might!

The ticking clock
And the falling sand
The raising sun,
All keep their rhythm!
To welcome the graceful time!

So, don't chase time,
For time comes to you
When it's apt,
Don't be desperate,
stay put and
connected to reality,
don't get separate!

Poetry by Nkp
Read 122 times
Written on 2022-09-18 at 03:37

Tags Time  Healer  Almighty 

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