Doctors- the wounded healers!

Healing hands
Are getting hurt,
A soul that cares
Is being burnt!

A motive that's pure
Is being questioned!
A motto that's true
Is being doubted!

Doctors they say
Are next to gods
Has the notion changed?
Coz, they are treated as dogs!

They are spat on,
Beaten black and blue
They are thrashed
May be even the god has no clue!

Being doctor
Is a dream conceived
Even before, She knew
How to dream!

Years were spent
Trying to make ends meet,
She spent her youth
To take that oath!

A degree was earned,
Not just a degree for her
But a life time award!
For lives to save!

Drenched in sweat,
Sleep became a dream!
She's supposed to be sweet,
To all patients, far from home!

Happy doctors day
They wish one day!
And beat them up
The rest of the days?!

Doctors are humans too
Just like me and you!
Leave them to live their lives
They aren't the incharge of your lives!

Poetry by Nkp
Read 139 times
Written on 2022-09-23 at 08:57

Tags Wound  Doctor  Heal 

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