A tribute to that strongest woman, who, inspite of all her sufferings and a so called disfigured face, shows up and tries to live a normal life.
What I can see is only her inner beauty, her strength, her courage! Appearances are short lived!


Hey dear
Control the tears
Trickling down your face
Your eyes say it all
I know, you are hurt
Deep down in your heart,
There exists a wound
Which is made fresh
And it's throbbing today!
You hid it for so long
Without giving a hint
Of it's existence
You smiled your way through
You tried not to cry!
You got up, dressed up,
Showed up, to bask
Under the open sky
Not afraid of the scorching sun,
Feeling the breeze,
Feeling all bits of the rain,
Hearing the birds chirp
You moved on

You were all lively,
Unaware of happenings
Outside your world!

Lo! Comes the beast,
Pounced on you,
Taking away that's yours
In no time!

I know dear,
He who doesn't have
Power to give you happiness
Has no right to
Snatch it from you!
But, I'm helpless
Coz, it's all in past!

You were stamped,
But, now, you aren't the same
It took years for you
To find the inner beauty
To establish yourself
You tried hard!
And you know,
There's always victory
For those who try whole heartedly,

Are you happy again?
those wounds, are they healing?
Not just the one's
that scarred your face
But, the one's
that scarred your heart
For life time!?!

Poetry by Nkp
Read 134 times
Written on 2022-09-21 at 08:48

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