the pocket radio is part and parcel of life in rural this and you will see why...

They stole my pocket radio

they stole my pocket radio
now I cant listen to the news
dont know anything about the weather
or the latest song on the charts

they stole my pocket radio
now I cant tell who's the president
or who wants to be the next president
and why they are interested

I went to the bank today
hoping to withdraw some money
but I found a big padlock on the door
it was closed...I didnt know...

the reason that I failed to know
is that it was announced during the news
but I was never ever going to know this
because they stole my pocket radio

I took a trip into town
and was welcomed with a super solid slap
from the hand of the riot policeman
apparently there was chaos in town was I supposed to know
that there was a riot in town
I dont own a mobile phone
and they stole my pocket radio!

Poetry by Mike
Read 462 times
Written on 2006-06-25 at 11:38

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Jeez, I hope you can get another!! I am sorry to hear that!