December by Ann Wood


I love December.
The dessert of every year.
I love his cold
his breath filled with longing.
The last month -
the last sip of wine
and the first fine garlands
of silver frost.
I love when
above every glittering shop window
others are also rising
shining night suns.
Night becomes day
and the day - a colorful garden.
I don't walk, I swim
in a sea of ​​happy faces.
I love December.
His spirit is full of hope.
My eyes drink rays
and paint dreams.
The stars in the sky
they even look enviously
to the living glow,
among which the earth thumps.
I love December.
My child is coming back.
I'm expecting a gift
under my little tree
Smells like a holiday
the heart of my house.
Pendants of joy
they flash under every eaves.
I love December.
Cold but breathy and bright.
Under colorful cascades
the big city shines.
I love December!
Even if I don't have a present,
i carry particle
from the dream of a fairy world.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-12-02 at 09:50

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