Happy birthday to my cousin Milena Stancheva by Ann Wood

Happy birthday to my cousin Milena Stancheva!
Happy birthday my sunny girl.
Here another leaf falls from the calendar of your life, and you become one year wiser and more beautiful.
Today for you the flowers will bloom and smell in the gardens in your honor.
Today the birds will sing their love song and the wind will dance in your hair to the rhythm of their song.
Today the sun will shine brighter than ever because today you were born.
Today the sky will be azure blue, and the stars in it will be big and bright, and the full moon will tell them its tale in the night.
A lonely boat wanders in the sea, and the sailors in it sing be happy, be happy today everyone will wish you that, but you will be happiest when Anne wishes you that.
Today I will raise a glass of mulled wine, I will honor you and I will wish you, the longevity of eagles, the wisdom of ancestors, that you are strong as rocks, and joy, happiness, love, luck, success, fertility, prosperity, health, be yours forever companion in life, and your every wish will come true one day.
I pray to God to bless your bright holiday, and to give you a long life, so that you can welcome your birthday for many years to come, my sunny girl.
Once again, happy birthday, dear Milenche, keep smiling and radiant.
With love, light, and peace forever yours Ann Wood, Happy Birthday.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2023-02-01 at 12:51

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