CLOUD (cloud pt8)

Cloud moved last night,
Not to sure where we are.
I'll have to wait till tonight,
So I can consult the stars.

Cloud's tether must have broke,
It gave her such a fright.
I told her not to worry,
I'll guide her back home tonight.

Wish I was still with waspet,
This would give her quite a buzz.
It sure was fun while it lasted,
When we thought there was
just the two of us.

Think I spotted a weaver ant,
On the ground far below.
I'll have to come back here soon,
Industrial little critters weaving,
I could use some new clothes.

There goes another rainbow,
Stopping to take a drink.
We all need water to live on,
It's not as crazy as you think.

There's to many moving parts,
Cloud doesn't like this place.
Birds of thought flew overhead,
To many thunder clouds,
To her it's a very different race.

Of course I remember now,
Just where we are.
It's where the unicorns,
Often stop to drink.
Cloud really did travel far.

Told cloud to follow the water,
That was trickling on the ground.
Then I told her a little story,
Thought it might calm her down.

If you follow to where,
The water flows.
Then you will find,
Where true love grows.

It branches outwards,
Into a loving ever stream.
Slowly caressing the ground below,
As though it's in a dream.

Cloud saw the little Cheeselets,
Scouring on the ground far below.
She seemed to warm-up,
When I asked them for a tow.

Didn't know clouds could glow,
She was so happy to be home.
After such a frightful day and night,
Sun's setting time to rest it's sleepyhead.
See you all another day goodnight.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 95 times
Written on 2023-08-21 at 00:03

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D G Moody
I thought this poem was working on several levels - and excellent for that. Not your usual style Alan, and I loved it. Cloud.....?