Vision Of Love

When I think about love I have my expectations but when it comes to sincere love I have no regulations.

Love can make a person happy, sad or mad but when I think about our love it really makes me glad.

I have a vision of love and that's with happiness and joy no one wants their heart to get played with like a toy

My vision of love is wonderful its special it's sincere, everyday when I wake up I thank God I have you here.

Do you have a vision of love?? Something you look forward to some guidelines or dreams. Things that can be reality not just imaginable things?

My vision of love is like walking on clouds so high in the sky and being untouchable by any force.

Visions of love are special and they mean a lot
Love is something that's supposed to be cherished and never stopped

Everyone should have a special vision of love

Poetry by Love Angel
Read 654 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 04:09

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i like this one...i don't know why, but i could be the way you expressed yourself in it...