more influential than the United Nations
every one is neutral when dealing with you
all opinions...all differences are cast aside
you are the only person without an enemy
water...the source of life
the source of conflict between nations
the key ingredient in many a ritual
water...cleanses us
and nourishes the fields
in which our foods grow
and our animals graze
water...we neglect you
abuse you to the extent
that you are filled with so much poison
and pose a threat to our lives
yet you do us no wrong
but we continue to torture you
feed you with dangerous chemical waste
...and raw sewerage
water...every one covets you
but they treat you really bad
destroying the catchment areas
that are the sources of the rivers
the rivers that carry dear water to the lakes and seas
and when you suffer the world suffers too
your scarcity causes thirst,hunger,drought and wars
you are valuable...so precious to us
water...I long to see you flow
so clear...so clean...so serene

Poetry by Mike
Read 519 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 07:46

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Julie Zerbe
Lovely flow to this lovely ode to a fluid entity!