Happy birthday to my cousin Milena Stancheva by Ann Wood

Happy birthday, my beautiful Milena!
Today is your birthday, and the world is celebrating with you.
Today you were born, and it's a new year for you.
Thirty-nine years ago today, your smile warmed our family.
You were a beautiful child, and today you are an even more beautiful young lady.
Today the sun will shine brighter than ever because you have a holiday.
Today the flowers in the gardens will bloom and smell more than ever in your honor.
Today the birds will sing their love song, and the wind will dance in your hair to the rhythm of the birdsong.
Tonight the moon will be brighter and bigger, and the countless stars will illuminate the sky with their light, and the moon will tell them a story about little Milena, who is now a big woman.
Today the sea will be azure blue, and a fishing boat will be wandering around it.
Today, I want to wish you, the longevity of eagles, to be strong as the rocks on the seashore and wise as our ancestors.
May love, health, happiness, joy, luck, success, prosperity, peace and light be your eternal companion in your life.
Today I will raise a toast, and I will light a candle for your health, and I will ask God our creator, to grant you a long life and to bless you on your birthday.
Happy birthday once again, my dear Milena, and cheers to the birthday girl, may she meet this day for many more years to come.
With love. light and peace forever yours Ann Wood.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2024-02-01 at 01:56

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