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Try to see the happiness in life.
There is always something good.
Scream when you want to,
Sleep when you'r tired,
Speak when you have nothing intresting to say,
And laugh when it's not funny.
You will see that however much pain you have in your life,
Life can still be good.
With a little help from your friends,
And smiles all around you,
The efect will come to you.
The pain will soon be over,
And everything will be greate.

Don't cry if you can't have the one you love,
It's just a stupid crush.
Don't run away just because you don't get it your way.
And don't hurt your self because of stupid things that soon will be over.
Life can be good if you just relize it.
Don't let the pain bring you down.
And if you don't have any friends to pull you trough,
Don't forget that someone out there,
Will always be there for you no mather what.

Someone does love you for who you am,
You just don't see it,
And can't understand.
Someone regret the pain they caused you,
And want to say they'r sorry,
but you push that someone away.
Love every pearson cause they can bring happiness.
Don't push faith away.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 559 times
Written on 2006-07-07 at 12:49

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WOW ! Thanks for that K . Been away for a while ...but now I'm back . Great read !
May The Fire In Your Heart
Always Burn
Cheers ! G