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I've got mixed feelings about you

There's a song that last forever.
A song inside my mind.
"I love you" It will play over and over again.
It reminds me of you,
And the memories I left behind.
I got over you at last,
But soon I will fall again.
I can feel it.
I felt it in my soul that day I felt,
That I would love you forever.
And I got this feeling,
That it's true.
I'm not 100 % over you.
And I never will be.
A little part of me still love you,
A bigger part of me don't,
A smal part of me are sick of you,
And a little part hate you.
I've got mixed feelings about you.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 642 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 13:03

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i dont really know what to say except thats good...i can relate to it.