Why is it that we all want to be like someone else? We behave like what we are not? why are we so influenced by the "ways and trends" which some "people" start? Why can't we relax in our own skin? and just be proud of ourselves for being what we are

"I lost my Face!!!!!"

It had been a long time since i had noticed myself in the mirror,
and to my horror......
what i saw actually surprised me,
the image in the mirror did not look at all like me!!
I had splashes of various colors all over my face,
as if a small child had painted on a canvas.
i wanted to just wipe it off my face,
but it was too late.
For the whole world,
the actual me was unknown,
which long time back i had already outgrown.
These colors over my face were a result of the glamorous and cosmopolitan race.
In this race to be accepted,
the actual me i had rejected.
I tried so hard to be a part of this race, but ended up beinga part of the common crowd- a common face.
I had lost my individuality as well as my lucidity.all this show-off and all this pain, did not prove beneficial.
If i really wanted a place of my own in this world,
then i 'had' to be real.
I realized that to set myself apar, i do not have to channelise people.
Though we can always improvise.
I had to put in a lot of efforts to wipe off this pain,
but i was still unable.
I was now achieving success, but still the work seemed interminable.
Slowly, i was able to se the reflection of the actual me, of whom i'm very proud,
and that's why i'm now recognised as an individual,
a person, who is different from the common crowd.

Poetry by nausheen
Read 942 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 11:10

Tags Images  Race 

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good one frnd nice wriiten :)

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

you have a great honesty in your poetry
which I love.


That is important.... to be proud of being oneself. Nice write!
And welcome to the bay!

beautiful write ..
just to be who we are
and be proud....
a heartfelt poem :)