yeah.. it stinks.. At least I think so..

I tried to write about hapiness

I got some trouble writing.
Nothing are happing in my life.
I need something to write about,
Some feelings to express.
How can I write about feelings that isn't there?
Or a broken heart when I don't have one?
I can't express my feelings,
Cause I don't have any.
No feelings to tell about.
No saness any more.
I ain't good writing about happiness.
But let me try:

To day I woke up smiling.
Searesly, I don't know why.
I slept for so long today.
Oh, what a beautiful thing to do.

I guess I had a feeling,
That this day was going to go greate,
And it did.
No hard feelings about it.

But today was a little boring.
Had nothing to do,
But was television.
That isn't any fun to do.

And I didn't even think about him to day.
And that's good.
It makes me feel so good.
Almost everything about today is greate.

I can't write happiness.
Only sadness work for me.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 481 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 21:01

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Zoya Zaidi

**Hugs Kitty**
love,xxx, Zoya