My writing reaches new chaotic levels!

Newspeak in my sleep

You know what?
Lies layer
Ever since i was a little throw-catch hatchling
I wanted to be a soothsayer
Putting colour on concrete
Making something colourful float powerful
In the concrete
I mumble newspeak in my sci-fi slumber sleep
And wake up screaming, hands off
All those magic charms are mine to keep, Yeah
That's how they size you up
Tell you that gold and green is not that rough
On the contrary, it's quite enough
But let me tell you
Keep your love and your long nose
Close to your heart
It won't get you far in this world
But at least it's a start

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 884 times
Written on 2005-08-22 at 20:01

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Very good!

I liked the last four lines of the poem. Nice.

Commentally Ill
chaotic. did you write this in your sleep? i tried writing in my sleep, it turned out to be one letter zzzzzzzzzzzzz. i talk in my sleep tho, so i hear......... :)