My darkest dark just hits home
As I reach out for the phone
And let the desert of the dialtone
Suck me dry to the bone
Funnybone, you little clown
You fill me up, I slip and drown
You taught me all that I know
And left me dead all alone

Dressed up in my moms night gown
I waited for the kiss of some smile high aloft
But when it came I just bit it's lips off
And spat it off in a cough
Just to show I'm not soft

What's so frightening about enlightenment
Is that it comes in a package
And the value is measured
By how pretty you stack it
Give me something tangible, you silly old greeks
The made up influence of your excrement
Pushed me way up shit's creek

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 1176 times
Written on 2005-10-01 at 00:57

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cory Crook
poem that says so much, u are pretty bright. shine on my friend.

Liked the rhyming pattern
and the tone of this poem.
Will read you again :_)

John Ashleigh
I think importing a few commas and fullstop may help break up the poem, It doesn't read as well otherwise. Good imagery though.

Commentally Ill
well, shit won't mind. most people don't like his creek. they say it stinks. he'll be glad for the company.