Just letting of some steam ;)

Some steam

I'd like to thank the peace and love academy
For backing me, when my life was reduced
To scratching head and stacking fleas
I tasted life and tried to grasp the anomalities
Smashed them just like nails into my do-or-die reality
Now I walk with double halos
Double framings to my gallery
I put down some heavy work, yeah
But don't expect to taste the salary

And yeah
I've still got a head full of wires
And some might argue I break the bread I put on fire
Still, I'm content with being a liar
Cause I grew up on lies myself and now I blast with full attire
Spreading all the blood I got, thinking not of the costs

And yeah, I enjoy to boast sometimes
I enjoy to bust some rhymes
Grasp at anomalities, and booze away the salary

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 1088 times
Written on 2005-11-21 at 19:40

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I think you have conveyed you disappointment and anomaly quite effectively.