One day and all night

Far from the wind
Red light white light and metal piping starwiping
Daydreaming every word that I said, leaning
Some bring, squish and tell, left you with a bow and
A wish me well, cause all my pennies are glimmering swimming in a wishing well
I won't paint the perfect picture, try to drink you up and piss you
When the the fear of every step is oozing through my very tissue
Breathingstress bouncing off these syllabels
But see I've got a dream, to burn my every single mission, vapourizing the oceans just for more land to piss on
And I'll still be right here, sleeping off some braincell friction

This story bounced on
It became all that I wanted
I'll be fucking Quetzalcoatl
Living all those chances I squandered
One day and all night, red light white light

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 1052 times
Written on 2006-03-30 at 00:13

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Amanda K
i feel that this poem says a lot about you as a person. i wish u all the best.

Really gorgeous. I can say no more. You are really good, must read some more!

/// Sofia P.s Glad påsk lundabo.