Take what you can from it. Wisdom comes from rememberance.

Remember then?

I remember when I was little, I went places with my mom and she bought all kinds of different things. Always when she bought something, the clerk gave her back some money. One day when she bought something, the clerk didn't give her any money back, so I told him 'how is my mom going to be able to buy things if you dont give her any money?'

I'm sure my mom explained that paying with a check or credit card you don't get change back, but thats not part of the memory I remember. What I thought made sense in my 4 year old (or possibly younger I don't know) mind, so I asked why it wasn't right.

I hope someoen finds this interesting and will tell me of their own little childhood memories that they find significant. thanks! ^_^

Words by Andy
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Written on 2006-07-19 at 22:40

Tags Childhood  Thought  Experience 

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Amanda K
was interesting to read and share.


very cute and very honest =] I love it...