OOps ! It was a mistake

To be something, to achieve something,
we all seek oppurtunities.
But oppurtunities everyday pass us by,
leaving us there feeling shy.
Why should one be shy?
I can atleast give it a try!
For the maximum, what will happen is that i'll make a mistake.
But I should still try, coz' life won't give a retake.
For everything, there's always a first time.
After all making mistakes is not a crime!
I can try and try till i suceed.
If i try once,
then, the next time I'll be experienced.
I can accept myself as a normal person,
even if I make mistakes
coz' I know that everyone can't do everything.
No one is perfect!!
If others laugh at my mistakes then,
that won't make me minimal
and I don't have to wish to be invisible.
I know I'm capable,
even if unable to do something.
Atleast I tried and that's what counts.
Next time I'll try to remember that life doesn't allows RETAKES,
so it's okay to make 'MISTAKES'

Poetry by nausheen
Read 977 times
Written on 2006-07-21 at 07:17

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its really true fnrd i liked it well written dear :)

...a walking mistake found this to be profoundly true.

i like the saying that surest way to failure is never to try. a good positive write. :)

Malin Johansson
Very good poem here...!!! mistaking is what takes us forward... not backing off, then we loose our time in life to do the things we want...
very good poem here I have to bookmark this one!!!:)))
Regards to you

such truth in every word..
within such courage
to accept who you are and be proud
to learn with each lesson
mistakes to overcome..
love this read..

too much effection in it.....alos agreed with KJC...well done....dear God bless you...

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I LOVE this
such truth and wow -i'm speechless.