this poem, like many of mine, is written in my darkess hours, hours of depression.


A broken web of dreams,
Darkness beyond pain.
People wonder what this means,
People who are trapped don't.

This is what is within,
Darkness as black as black.
Darkness is the one to win,
Within darkness dwells.

My life is a valley,
A shadow of darkness.
I beg the people "don't feel badly",
This is the way my life's destined.

I walk through the shadow,
To what I think is light.
I know no one cared to follow,
For this, though, I am grateful.

I follow my path;
this has to be the way.
I walk, or feel darkness's wrath,
I walk to dull the pain.

As I walk onwards,
One foot before the other.
My eyes focus downwards,
Onwards towards light.

For many years,
Onwards I have walked.
My vision bleared by my tears,
I cannot reach the light.

I was a fool,
Light comes from within!
How could life be so cruel?
And lock me in the dark.

My legs begin to fail,
My heart begins to weep.
How could I think I would prevail?
Darkness always wins.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 728 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 02:38

Tags Darkness  Losing  Suffering 

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Black Knight
"You cannot tell: "I'm all the light" for then you would be among the confidants of God. You cannot tell: "I'm all the darkness" for with your name then would frighten children. But you carry a particle of light and a particle of darkness, as all world, for you are a part of this world" (The Book of Darkness, 6:2).