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Dead End

Things were going so well between us,
there's one problem that isn't mild;
I love you, i really do,
but i just cant love the fact you act like a child.

This is starting to seem pointless.
I am just not this good of an actress.
You won't grow up, and i cant grow down,
so where does this leave us?

I want someone there for me.
Someone to keep me warm at night,
someone to hold my hand,
someone to talk to me and tell me it's all alright.

You just want someone fun,
outgoing and free to go wild,
You forget I have a son,
You forget my life is done.

You are so much older then me,
yet it feels like we've reversed roles.
So as much as my heart bleeds for you,
there is different paths for our souls.

There is nowhere for us to go now.
We have hit a dead end,
no side-street to turn down,
no way to contend.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 1057 times
Written on 2009-04-11 at 13:38

Tags Breakups  Heartbreak  Sadness 

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