this poem, like many of mine, is written in my darkess hours, hours of depression.

in the shadows of my mind

My mind is breaking,
Slowly piece by piece,
Darkness begins its waking,
Within its depths.

In the empty space,
In which I dwell,
Darkness I cannot face,
Shadows in my mind.

Out loud I call,
Yet no one comes,
I begin to fall,
Into the depths.

Into my broken mind,
Down I go, all alone,
With darkness as a bind,
Forever I am trapped.

Draped in my madness,
With no ones help,
I feel only sadness,
Because no one cares.

I need something,
To fight back the dark,
But I find nothing,
And continue to fall.

I hit the bottom,
I am lost, gone forever,
I lay forgotten,
In my mind I stay.

On this day,
I say goodbye.
Here I stay, forever I lay,
In the shadows of my mind.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 707 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 02:39

Tags Shadows  Lost  Forgotton 

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