this is a message

Silence echoing loud and lonely,
Tears flow down my cheeks,
Blood flows from my wrist,
I thought I had your heart for keeps.

But you have left me,
Now I lay slowly dieing,
No more blood to flow through my broken heart,
As hard as I try, I cannot stop crying.

Darkness draws in closer,
Visions of us flow through my head,
No more fight left within me,
I will soon be laying here dead.

But this is a message,
A bit of me left behind,
No matter how much you hurt me,
I will always remember when you were mine.

You are no longer my protector,
You no longer erase my fears,
You no longer stand beside me,
You no longer wipe away my tears.

But the message within this,
Will leave a scar upon your soul.
You shouldn't take for granted,
For love soon turns cold.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 693 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 02:41

Tags Dieing  Cold  Heartache 

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