i wrote this for my friend, who was like me and battling with depression, unfortunely it got to be to much for daniel and he commited suicide. daniel i will always miss you.
22-april-1989 - 18-june-2006


A scorching rumor that burns ones flesh,
Their remarks from a glance fell to whispers,
And with their words like a heavy stone,
My flesh burns with blisters.

Words that stung into my heart,
Old scars open and bleed.
I heard the words I prayed not to hear,
He was all I ever did need.

I wept for him,
A deep pool of red,
That ran like a river of blood,
Deeply wishing I too was dead.

My heart is cold and hollow as your grave,
And though half blind with tears,
I was not to blind to see you.
My heart breaks and confirms my fears.

Restless as the skies,
These wounds will not heal,
I need to find the light again,
I am confusing what is real.

Earth and sea cowered from my screams,
Alone and cold, faced to the endless black,
Laying so still in your hollow grave,
Beyond hells gates with no way back.

Our end declared from the beginning,
Drowning in sorrows from our past.
Death bloomed found room to rise,
A dark sea where memories last.

Once again betrayed and played by God.
I shall glimpse instead the river of red,
As your blood poured forth and spilt,
What thoughts were in your head?

To high for truth to truly see,
Trapped in reflections from a dream.
I wish I could have felt what you felt,
Seen what you had seen.

As I spoke of hope I choked,
Grief creeps in to steal the sun,
I tried to listen with my heavy heart,
But I had run before it had begun.

Preventing the course of life's blood evermore,
Moved to mirrors cracked with heavy lines,
Running breathless as the winds,
In a dark land that sets bad blood in the veins.

In a lace of a tears that bleared my pride,
Drowning in the night, a downward light,
With a dark dawn, a cry, forlorn,
I had to do what I felt was right.

Like a bruise upon the heart that lingers,
I decided to end my strife.
I swallowed, blood followed,
I died to join you in the next life.

For Daniel, I will always miss you.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 443 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 02:44

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Very deep, very touching write. I'm sorry about your friend. I know how much friends mean in tough times... Losing them is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, I've been there too...