this poem, like many of mine, is written in my darkess hours, hours of depression.

the past

I drifted from the path,
I was surely set upon.
A dark angel led the way,
Teasing me with her dark song.

Lead along a twisting path,
Suddenly fell into a long black hole,
Where evil and good,
Tore my soul for control.

Many years I spent in hell,
Drowning in the past,
Falling into nightmares,
I broke free at last.

Wandering around this Earth cursed,
Through shifting sands of time,
The downward fall felt like yesterday,
It was all mixed up in my mind.

Trapped within my mind,
Visions from the past.
A tangled web of memories,
The pain will always last.

Even the slightest whisper,
Can set them off again.
The pain ache and loneness,
My mind will never mend.

Poetry by amy-leigh
Read 1028 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 02:45

Tags Memories  Mind  Trapped 

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your mind will mend... relax... Have faith, and love and faith will heal your soul. Time is a slow healer, but a good one... :))