I love you
I tell you
By mirrors
My hand
Written hearts

What would say
If you saw
You engraved
Into my skin
By sharp razors

To get across
That you're
Under my skin
You hurt me

I never used
To understand
How one could ever
Love someone
Who hurts them

A prisoner to my heart
Of ghosts of your smile
The echos of laughter
Inside jokes whispered
Blushing when someone listens

I got too close to your flame
Now i'm all burnt up and fried
Like a moth flittering to the floor
Bits of wings flaking off
Till just the body on the ground

I always used to see
Love like tennis
Batting back and forth
Making hearts have that beat
Only lovers have in love

You've taken all my beat
And gave it away
To someone else
Till theres none left
At all

How can i kiss you now
How can i lie in your bed
Knowing you're thinking
Of someone else instead

How can i love you now
When i'm not in your heart
And i can't allow you anymore
In mine

Poetry by jacy
Read 690 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:11

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