Shattered any belief in love
That i held so close
How could someone like you
Ever take that away from me
How could you...
How did you?

And i'm left thinking
What am i doing here?
Why am i subjecting
Myself to this torture

And knowing

That it's not just me
Who lives in your heart

Asking what seems to be
Too much from you

But it's ok
You know

Because i'm not okay
And i was never yours
I never loved you really
Just didn't hate you
Like i so do now
But i want you
To feel this

So feel this

I hope you feel this
Until you die
And spill your heart
For me

Until you learn
This fucking lesson
Heart AREN'T meant
To be broken

So baby
My love
My darling
I'll send you
On wings of ravens

This feeling inside
Oh this feeling inside
So new, so strange
I know now
It's hollow

I thank you
Every day
For ripping me apart
Piece by peace
So my sweet harlot
Who is it tomorrrow?

Poetry by jacy
Read 680 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:11

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