Stop Hope

You made me bleed
But i'm in heaven
Everytime we touch
In unison i hear music
Thunder through my ears
So loud it deafens me
Inside through out

I get whisked away
To this land
Where this earth
Is so far away
Lost in your touch
Lost in your scent
Lost in your taste

I sigh
Not realising
I sigh

You make me tremble
Like i'm on a cliff edge
Scared to look down
But exhlirated by it all
At the same time

You tell me things
I expect i've heard before
You tell me the unexpected
That mean so much more
And it reaches into me
Like no one before

I talk to you about love
Using my lips and hands
Not rough and hard
But soft and gentle
Taking you all in
Closing my eyes
As if i were blind
To know you without seeing
To hear you breathe
With the rush

To lift my eyelashes
Off you cheek
See you
See you

We fall asleep in each others arms
Embracing, clasped hands
Finger entwined

And i keep hoping
Stop me from the end
Stop from the edge
Let it last
Let this be it
Let me stop
Let me be at peace
In this happiness

Flown to the breeze i were
Lost and so torn apart
By so many rough characters
Taken and abused
Too much
Too many

Let me stop
Let this be
The last stop
The last stop


Poetry by jacy
Read 675 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:17

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