a story :) with a twist

Saving Souls

once upon a time, i needed a taxi, to shelter me from the rain. you stepped out of the front passanger seat into the rain, gave up your seat for me. All i could do was blink and smile, saying shyly "thank you". that was the beginning of our story wasn't it baby. from then it was intensity, glances, friendship, then came the love.
Oh with the love, came all of unexpected things to make us weep with joy, weep with tears. I never said thank you for loving me, for being so patient. But i guess you do now, having said it so, out loud.

There's not much to say about me and her, that you wouldn't find in some story book, girl meets girl, girl falls in love. Then something goes wrong and it makes you think, could this story have a happy ending. You begin to doubt your actions, your feelings and what you say. But i guess what i'm trying to tell is what happened after the ending happened.

It happened one morning, walking to the bus stop, sunrise, coming up behind my back, making this seem almost prophetical. When in reality it means nothing at all. First bus of the morning took me to my destination, entering the door i could feel He had something instore for me that could break us apart. I just didn't want to know what. Still to this day, i do not. But we have no choice right, in life's funny way of dealing us things. Just need to hold on, to get by. Make those dark days, not so dark. I remember staring out of the window, listening to the words sweep over me, this couldn't be right, give me something to fight for here, give me something to live with. How dare you give me nothing in return. It just goes to show, how small we really are. He muttered about sorting arrangements out as soon as possible, not much time, were his words. If only we knew how just how much little time we had. Maybe things wouldn't have happen the way they did.

Our taxi came and found me sitting on the fire box, outside my home, sitting in the rain, but did you notice no one said anything about that, or the faint look in my face. Well, it doesn't really matter now. You held my hand, and all i could do was hold it the best i could with all my strength. Just to show you, no matter what i will always love you. Life and Death mean nothing in love's sweet odyssey. I swear i didn't say a word.

So we got there in the end. I couldn't hide any longer, the sickness coming in tidal waves, moved me from my feet onto the ground. Must have been minutes or years till you found me. Just lying there, no life, no soul, no breath for thee. Though i was flying far away inbetween here and there, i could hear you scream my name, i could feel your tears on my cheeks and lips. I still feel them my dear. They were what brought me back. But it took me some time for sure. For all i remember is brought from your minds memory, so instilled into me now. Clutching my hand, begging me to come back, not even D.O.A stopped you to reach me. You got me, you got me. You always get me.

Up here in heaven, it wasn't much better, it could've been hell, if it weren't for my memories playing tricks with images of you, that dissapeared when i reached out to touch. No one, not God or even all the angels could reach me. I know i brought the whole place down, until it was raining every day, just to wash my tears away, angels played saxophones instead of harps, playing sweet blue hymns. It must of been loud, honey, because the church heard it and gave up hope of ultimate salvation. How could someone be so unhappy in heaven. But we knew, we knew. Never part one joint soul. You risk losing exsistence the way we know it. Lose all of it's finery and delicance we have grown so used to. God, he gave me a second chance to try and heal this wound so big, it teared a hole in the o-zone layer 10 times fold.

I sat on a rock, and cried out your name, plaintive call of a lost lamb, crying to be claimed and found. But this time, someone else was echoing my cries, a voice i knew very well, oh please, oh please, oh please, don't let me be deceieved. I opened my eyes and turned aorund to see you sitting there, something i hadn't seen before. You, a little less. My bright brilliant star, dimmed a little. do you remember i fled to your side, like a winged animal of some kind. But i flew right through you. Till i was the one looking up at you. You saw, you saw me. i spoke your name, you echoed my own. things were said, bridges were grown again over the next few amounts of time.

All i remember now, in this old soul's memory is the ache to hold you, to feel you like once or many times before. I know i drove you mad, till you questioned everything in this life. Till you questioned life itself. I was there, and all i could do was watch, when i wanted to take on that pain or send it far far away, never to darken our lands again. It got too much for you sweetheart and they came and knocked at the door, finding that you didn't, couldn't, wouldn't answer. They came, no holds barred, dragged you out and all i could do was follow, like your last piece of luggage stuck in the cargo bay. Waiting, expecting, anxious to get it back again. Your hands reached out for me and all they saw was air. That was all there ever was, since that day.

At last, i understood, everything clicked into place. everything had a reason, things had a reason of happening. All life lessons laid out for me clear as day in that hallway scene. Backed up against a wall, it was what i had to do, just walk away. Don't know why, don't know how. but an unavoidable force leading me away from you, back to the grave, back to the rock. I could hear you struggle to move, i could hear you choke on your own heart, trying to fly out to lasso me back to you. I had to split myself in two, because in love that is what you do, the best for one another. When one is blind, the other guides.
When the other is deaf, the one leads.
When one is weak, the other will be strong. Even if inside they're faltering with fear. I heard you break free, i heard you running behind me. I still hear you even now, behind me. I do not fear anymore. I know what i will find when i look behind. Nothing there.

What happened next, i didn't expect. Maybe god's punishment or reward. On the way back lights and sounds littered my senses making me blurred and lost between this and that. Till a hand held mine, so tight, so tender. In that moment i was afraid. So i didn't let go, and i never have. I led that hand into the forest i had made, somewhere for us to be. That i hoped one day you wouldn't forget about me. Sure, i brought you enough forget-me-nots, to last you a last time, sure, you sneezed alot. But i love the fact you never once ever chucked them out. Just littered here and there in your room, no corner left untouched by our love. No corner of the our world left untouched one way or another. They say when you kiss in heaven, someone on earth will be saved. So, come on, fall in love today. make it good, make it last. save a soul.

Short story by jacy
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Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:18

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