inspired by a future art project. in which we personify mankind and make him fly into the air, which tiny objects on him representing things like love. life, hope, etc. just that possibility that our dreams are reachable :)

Mankind Flew Today

Mankind dreams to fly
To lift it's feet off the ground
Let go and be free

But gravity denies it

We will
Be free

We will
Fly away

Fly, fly

Look upwards and dream of
What could be
Lift yourself on tip toe
Thousand balloons tied
A few inches from the ground
Spread your arms out
Open your your hands
Stretch your fingers out
And let go of your breath


Make a stand
Take a chance
Make your dreams
Come true
Fly today
Come fly
With mankind

Because today
Mankind has wings

Because today


Has wings

All our hopes
And dreams
Rest with you

Don't let us down
Don't come down
To earth again

And tell God
We say hi

Poetry by jacy
Read 675 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:22

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