This is a note to my son I'm holding two months before his birth..

Note to my son

First of all I wanted to write this
without the duties of being
a father clouding my perception
no one will read this, with Tammie (your Mom),
Michele (your God Mother) and your
Grandma being the exceptions

There are going to be lots of rules
you're going to be expected to
#1 being if your Mom or I frustrate you to
the point you want to yell, you'd
better count to 10 then swallow

Know that I have rules too
as your father I have to live by
#1 being if you ever feel I failed you
I want you to tell me when and why

You have other ppl. to go to
if you feel I'm not there
your Mom, your Grandma or
your Godmother being three
of the finest ppl. I can mention
and they also care

You best believe that either one
or all three will set me straight
and of course if we're speaking
about you, you're welcome to

You're going to find there are
so many aspects in life to becoming
a man
some think it's how many women you had
some think it's thru your son (or seed)
I'm 38 years old and I still don't understand

So many ppl. will say so many different things
about being a real man but the one that matters
is whether you're real to yourself
and owned up to your responsibilities

I know I'm your father
but in the end
if you need me as one
I as your father can
also be your best friend

Poetry by Will
Read 416 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 17:27

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