I stand before you

I stand before you Xavier
not to be judged but
to be loved
as your father hopefully
living up to expectations
and fondly thought of

I stand before you Princess
not to judged but to be
I know I'm difficult at times
i'm no machine or slave
I'll do the things I should

I stand before you Michele
as someone who loves you and
your friend
as you know how I feel so
no need to say it again

I stand before you sister
with an unmeasured amount of
love, admiration and respect
for the type of person you
are what more do you expect

I stand before you Mom
humbled to be your son
I have you to thank
for the man I've become

I stand before you RitaMary
begging your forgiveness
for the way I act
please know that I'll never
love you any less so forgive
me for that

I stand before you Candy (my wife's Mom)
with a unmeasured amount of gratitude
it's no wonder that when Tammie
says my Mom I look at her
with an envious attitude

I stand before you Tessa and Alexa
with a sincere apology
I should have always been there
for your Mom even if it wouldn't
have been easy

I kneel before you Lord
and give thanks for the light
plus all the special ppl.
I stand before that you've
added to my life


Poetry by Will
Read 1105 times
Written on 2009-04-02 at 03:44

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