A simple short conversation I had with a co-workers complaining about other co-workers because she felt she had a large workload, so I wrote this to her.. LOL

Just Things ( a Little Job related story)

You have so many ppl. doing nothing
while the few does everything
while the many are always complaining
about something
and the few continue to do their thing

Then there are those complaining
about doing everything and the
person next to them doing nothing
but how can you know that if you're
so busy doing everything if anyone's keeping
if you have time to do everything and watch them
doing nothing that means you can use that amazing
multitasking skills to do more

While you're watching them you're doing
nothing that means you're not doing everything
let me do a little explaining
you can't watch someone and do everything
unless everything consist of complaining

Look at it this way while you're
wasting time sitting back watching someone
while you were doing everything
maybe they got they're work done.

Give me a second I know while
you're complaining about them
they're complaining about you
but if you don't mind I have work
you know that whole lot of everything
that didn't get done that you say you do. LOL

Just do your job correctly
don't worry about everyone else
I have enough to do
like getting my work done myself

Base on co-workers complaining about them having to work so hard and the other person doing nothing.

Poetry by Will
Read 403 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 14:32

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