Bodybuilding Definitions

In bodybuilding when they
say a guy is a beast
there's a certain bit of muscle
mass qualifications
his body meets

it means at least
one part of your body
has an outstanding feature
it means at least one
body part resembles a creature

For example we all heard
Hulk Hogan say the 24" pythons
and of course when he said this
he was talking about the size of his arms

You may hear a guy has cow legs
that usually pertains to bodybuilders,
running backs, sprinters or
some other type of jock
that just telling you these guys
have legs like livestock

You may hear a guy call an animal
don't let that one rack your brain
it's simply pertains to the intensity
he brings to the gym when he trains

When you hear someone's got a good pump
that's easily explained
it's just the amount of blood they've got
going to the particular bodypart
they've trained

When you hear feels like a rubber band
that's usually means hamstrings are tight
and when you hear them add they feel
like they're going to snap that probably means
that they were done right

When you hear tight as a drum
that could be biceps but usually it's abs
if by chance you hear shaped like a butterfly
that refers to the glutes or more widely known
as a$$

If you hear nice horseshoes that's triceps
upside down hearts my girls calls nice
calves that
if you hear a guy is a wide as
a drive thru movie screen then
they're refering to the size of his

When you hear good symmetry that's
muscles sizes looking good when compare
to one another
that's when no muscle over shadows
any other

When they say aesthetics are important in
bodybuilding I think that's stupid and unfair
Aesthetics is that artistic type body
like those guys/girls who model swim suits & underwear

That's not really bodybuilding
you couldn't really call a guy like that
bodybuilding's best
because that's not really bodybuilding persay
that's more like a beauty contest (just my opinion)

Forget all of that I digress
I wrote this piece
on a mission
to give you maybe
a couple of phrases
you didn't understand
in Bodybuilding's Definitions

Train Hard Train Heavy or Go Home

Poetry by Will
Read 502 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 14:52

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