Training made simple

Monday ABC's

Monday is here
starting the week off
beginning the workout week
with Abs, Bis and Chest (ABCs)

Abs Crunches til you collapse
Roman Chairs til you throw up
21s til your arms are numb
Preacher curls the blood
makes your biceps feel like they're
going to erupt

Bench until your ears ring
and once that's done
do chest flyes until it
feels like the muscles in
your chest is going to
collapse your rib cage
into your lungs

then onto decline & incline
dumbbell pullovers til you
can't breath
onto cable crossovers
then cool down OK now you can
finally leave

A few training hard lessons
it will do well to remember these
when training Abs, Biceps & Chest
it is as easy as doing your ABCs

Train Hard, Train Heavy or GO HOME
in Addition Train Safe

Poetry by Will
Read 502 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 15:42

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Love Knight
Whoa, you bring that pain to life, you really know how to express in words, actions speak louder. Yea, keep that tiring training up.

Kathy Lockhart
After reading this, I think I will not be able to go home. I believe an ambulance would have to come and take me to the hospital. But you go, Man! Bet all that work is worth it. Just don't think this woman can do those ABC's. lol Clever writing here. :) kathy