I've been running so long,
running from everything
but there were only circles
like a planets orbit
Or a hamster on a wheel

Getting me no where
just wearing me down
exposing someone i never knew
and i wonder
what was i running from
then i think

I'll never know
because i'm still running
I've yet to stop
i never will
Running is what i do

I'll die before i stop.
I can't that would make me weak
No i need to keep going
I always will
You'll never catch me.

Poetry by Rhia
Read 953 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 17:17

Tags Run  Stop  Circles 

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Amanda K
Sometimes when we run that means we r escaping as u showed in your poem but i couldn't tell what were u running from maybe u did rather not to show it ,yet i loved ure theme.
All the best,

This is a good text, but it seems too inspired by EmelÚn's (another poet on poetbay) latest text I think, or am I wrong maybe.. in any case I did find the timing for this poem a bit bad,, but its a good text.

Simply put yet very meaning Love those one word titles.

Good Write!!!