d/t: James B. i hope you found someone to make you happy, i know that i obviously couldn't. but i have found someone to love me and i love him as well. we are very happy together and were getting married. i love him so much!

Love Hurts

I knew from the begining,
that you were just a flirt.
Yet I fell in love with you,
knowing it would hurt.
I thought i'd hold you down,
and make you love just one.
But how how could I do something,
that no one else has done.
I know you'll never love me,
and im trying not to cry.
For I might find the strength inside,
to kiss you lips goodbye.
So when you ask for me again,
you'll find I wont be there.
I want a love to call my own,
not a love to share.

Poetry by kitty
Read 598 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 18:57

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Melissa Ormond
I really do absoloutley love this, I feel that I can relate! I work with someone who I'd hoped would like me and to begin with, I though he did! Turns out he was just looking for something to occupy himself with until someone more prettier and 'easy' came along. It's been 7 months since we shared the same bed (and that's all we did, believe me) and he's slept with at least eight girls since then. I wish things could have been different because I do still really like him but I suppose that' it's just life! Everything happens for a reason, I wouldn't want to be with someone with the morals of an alley cat anyway, not really.

Well done! :)