To James B.

What Could Have Been

you could have been the one for me
you could have been my only
but you never even layed with me
you never did hold me
we talked about marrige
about howe'd stay together
you told me that you loved me
you often used the words forever
i could have had your baby
i could have been your wife
but if that would have happend
my life now wouldnt be right
when you and i were together
i would go in my room before i went to bed
and i would think about that day
and every word you said
every day i lied to myself
and every night i cried
subconsiously i would ask myself
am i love blind?
do i really love you
or is this just a dream
do i really feel this way
or is it just the way it seems
well now i've found the answer
i've fallen in love with someone new
this guy really saved my life
he helped me realize i didnt love you!

Poetry by kitty
Read 666 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 19:16

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im glad that you relised you didnt love him. it shows a strong independant young women. very good