(R.I.P. Robert Ray Benavidas "robbie") 1984-2004! i found somebody to love me and im so happy with him, but i still miss you.

To my homeboy (R.I.P. Robert Ray Benavidas "robbie")

the day you left me
was the day i fell apart
the love i had for you
so deep in my heart
i cried for hours
for days on end
i couldnt help it
you were my best friend
i kept this secret
deep inside my soul
hopeing somehow
i'ed be the only to know
do you remember that night,
we stayed up in the dark,
holding each other
outside our small park?
i told you i loved you
you said nothing back
you just kept quiet
and left it at that
i didnt see you for days
you didnt pick up the phone
i even stopped by
but no one was home
it wasnt till about
2 months, not long after
i found out what what happened
it was such a disaster
i hurt for so long
you just couldnt understand
it felt like my fault
like the knife was in my hands
the words you had written
on your bedroom door
in your own blood
that still stains the floor
as soon as i read them
i started to cry
why couldnt you have said them
please answer me, why?
i loved you so much
and i still really do
so i go back and read them
the words: "I Love You To"

Poetry by kitty
Read 695 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 19:16

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